Monday, 12 May 2008

LEAP's: We can do anything if we all work together!!

Local environmental action plans (LEAP’s) help to solve environmental issues at a local level in Europe. LEAP’s involve developing a community vision, assessing environmental issues, setting priorities, and identifying the most appropriate strategies for addressing the top problems and implementing actions that achieve real environmental improvements. LEAP’s rely upon meaningful public input for local governmental decision making and provide a forum for bringing together a diverse group of individuals with different interests, values and perspectives. LEAP’s include the following goals:

1) To improve environmental conditions in the community by implementing concrete, cost-effective action strategies.

2) To promote public awareness and responsibility for environmental issues, and to increase public support for action strategies and investments.

3) To strengthen the capacity of both local government and NGOs to manage and implement environmental programs, including their ability to obtain financing from national and international institutions and sponsors.

4) To promote partnerships between citizens, local government officials, NGO representatives, scientists, and business people, and to learn to work together in solving community problems.

5) To identify, assess, and set environmental priorities for action based on community values and scientific data.

6) To produce a LEAP that identifies specific actions for solving problems and promoting the vision of the community.

7) To fulfill national regulatory requirements to prepare EAP’s, as required by national governments in some EU countries. Over the last several years, LEAP’s have been implemented in several EU countries

For case studies and more information about LEAP’s click here

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