Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Abstract for Management techniques report

Climate change has emerged as the single greatest environmental challenge that the human race has ever had to face, actions made in the past are going to force humanity to change for the future. Rises in greenhouse gases are causing a warming effect on the planet and this is causing increasingly irregular climatic conditions, this is, in turn, threatening coastlines around the world. Because of this, many communities will have to make choices in the near future about how they want to deal with and manage these problems. The choice and implementation of successful management techniques used to combat sea level rise and coastal erosion need to be carefully reviewed and researched before they can be considered for use, options that seem to be best for a location may not be financially viable or may send the problem elsewhere along the coastline. This report focuses on the possible climate change management techniques available for use in Cornwall, UK and aims to summarise published climate change data and predictions to predict how these changes will affect the Cornish coastline.